Advancements in Follicular Unit Extraction: –

In the field of Hair Transplant, there are number of advancements let’s talk about them in brief:-

F.I.T :- The term follicular Isolation Technique was coined by Cole and Rose and it refers to follicular unit extraction technique that uses a punch with a “stop” to limit the depth of the penetration. Although the need for a depth stop in the extraction technique is still an arguable issue, FIT is possibly a better if the entire unit is not being captured. In our view, when the goal is just to extract hair, rather than follicular units.

Automated FUE hair transplantation: –

The FUE Matic machine is automated hair transplant machine that seeks to assist doctor in performing a hair transplant using the FUE technique. It is claimed to give a faster extraction rate grafts in a given time. There is a great pulling or twists in grafts which puts grafts in their risk of damage, resulting in greater transaction.

Robotics in Hair Transplantation: –

There are number of advantages and often enhances and extend human capabilities. Their accuracy and repeatability may reach the sub-millimeter level. Robots can be optimized to perform tasks demanding a high amount of precision at fast speeds, automatically and tirelessly, thus increasing productivity and efficiency. Their performance output is consistent and predictable. These strengths may make them suitable for a number of hair transplantation tasks, such as FUE. Some of the drawbacks to robots include cost, non-versatility, inability to proves that qualitative information and lack of judgement. Efforts are underway to devise such robotics for hair transplantation and it is hoped that they will be available for mass use in the near future. The cost of robotic Hair Transplant is high and depends on the grafts used in the procedure.

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