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Hello friends, I am Anu*** S*****, 32 years old and I am sharing my experience in hair transplant. When I had 25 my head half bald and I tried using many shampoos creams at that time to restore hair with fullness as they were thinning out day by day. I was not losing my hair only but hair loss also affected my self confidence because I am businessman. And for that reason I decided to go through hair transplant surgery after talking to my friends and family. After a lot research for growth hair and my friends recommend Dr. Walia clinic which is situated in Ludhiana and a famous hair transplant Punjab.
In the age of 26 the procedure done was FUT in which strip of hair with their roots was obtained and then they were placed on my crown area where my head had baldness and after the time period of eight months, I got my hair back and I was satisfied with my results and was happy that I have got back my hair. I felt it was the right age.
And after two years I was happy that I am looking younger and can easily do hair styles. From some time my hair start losing from the sides of my head and now second time after doctor’s advice I go through the hair transplant treatment to my own surgeon Dr. Walia. Every time he gives me best advice and second time I went through the hair transplant through the follicular unit extraction and it was also best experience as well as one of the risk factors for me.
But I trust on Dr. Walia and he gave me the best advice and instructs his patient as his family member. In both treatments, I trust on him and went under treatment and believe me I’ve chosen the best doctor as in both visits the results were awesome and he helped me every time not only during treatment but also on recovering period. He is great surgeon who gives me best instructions and the other things like care or grafts cleaning and protecting from dirt.
I had to take care and was not allowed to drink for some time period. It was difficult to manage swelling immediate after treatment. But doctor said it came after treatment and after three four days all was right but you have to take care from dirt.
And now I have my hair back and the all credit goes to Dr. Walia. Well the treatment cost also depends on the grafts and sittings. You can check their website also for getting the information related to the various hair transplant treatments. It is only the client’s trust that Walia Hair transplant is one of the best treatment clinics in Ludhiana. You can also check as Hair transplant Punjab.

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