Hair Transplantation Methods

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Technical strengths have directed to make quick use of the advanced rewarding hair transplant methods which use grafts containing hair follicles through hair transplant methods.

Following are the hair transplantation methods;

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is the traditional hair transplant method which involves extracting a linear strip of hair bearing skin from the back or the side of the scalp. The strip is then dissected to separate individual grafts.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) provides a fine coverage on transplanted hair.

FUT is the ideal method that includes full use of the scalp area to deliver results and has the largest number of grafts (naturally occurring groups of 1-4 hairs) to be transplanted in a single go. Its removal strip of the skin method involves taking up of hair from strip from the back of the head where the wound is stapled/sutured for closure of the donor area but leaves a scar. The significant progress from FUT hair transplant technique is that the utilization of exceptional microscopic elements assists surgeons to instantly analyze the hair joints that in turn helps the follicular units to remain in place.

FUE also works on the same principle and is the new enabling minimally invasive technical approach that achieves fullness rather than use of usual strip methods requiring large number of patients for hair transplant using a punch device to remove individual hair follicle units aligned to a depth of greater than 2 mm below the skin surface. FUE creates natural hair appearance.

procedure of transpalntion

After the surgery the patient starts to grow small hair as soon as 3 months while it typically takes 9 months to give bulk of admirable stable changes through these methods.

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