Things to learn when you go before your hair transplantation:-

People have no idea what is hair transplant is. Here in particular order, are some things a hair transplant is not as shaving off hair from one part of your head and gluing it back on somewhere else or taking another person’s hair and gluing it back on somewhere else. Taking another person’s hair and attaching it n your scalp or removing hair from another part of your body and re-attaching it to your head. These were all legitimate assumptions from intelligent friends about what a hair transplant entails. In realtiy it is none of these things. What actually happens is a doctor plucks 8,000 hairs from the back of your head- where it’s actually wide and you won’t miss it and then re-inserts them one-by one towards the front of your scalp, where you need it. It takes 20 hours and yes, truly it is aching and it is bleeding procedure. Before the treatment you have no idea if it will work. But with the right doctor and the right level of pre-op baldness the results can be nothing short of extraordinary. If you are reading this post and you are bald, or on the way, you will know how horrific it is to lose your hair. Sure, some people suit a shaved head. But for those, like me, who look like Hell-raiser’s son without anything on head, losing hair is the worst thing that you have ever to go through.

Having hair doesn’t mean that you can pull off any hairstyle. Well with hair, when you go from a have- none to a have some you want to let somebody see it off. But be warned: this is exceedingly dangerous. Having hair you see doesn’t make you a supermodel. Adequate experience and training of the surgeon, excellent lightning, adequate magnification for the surgeon and the staff are the pre-requisites.

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