Firstly I introduced you about what are these and why I am sharing this topic in Walia Hair transplant. These both are the tools for FUE hair transplant. First I will tell you about Neo-Graft, it is a device essentially a hand held with a dental drill with a sharp, circular path and utilizes a single-stage sharp punch dissection. A technician uses their vision and their hands in effort are made to try to extract each graft manually. Each graft harvest attempt with the Neo-Graft device is accompanied by inherent human error that we all posses. These both are tools used to complete FUE. Sometimes you need both sometime you need one. It depends on the head and the complexity of case. The biggest difference is that Neo-graft is another manual system also uses a blunt punch after a sharp score so there is nothing sharp under the skin which can risk the follicles. It is a handheld motorized device that has vacuum to assist in the removal of the cored follicles. Vacuum suction can be significant risk for drying and desiccation of the harvested grafts. Desiccation can lead to no growth. ARTAS robotic hair restoration procedure allows for a truly minimally invasive solution to deliver permanent and incredibly natural looking results. It is scar-free and its virtually painless! In NeoGraft it is extracted by hand, therefore can be more painful. The precision of extraction may also be affected when done manually. Hair follicles may be damaged. The similarities between both of them are that both produce FUE. Artras is a very sophisticated robot designed only to harvest the best FUE in a consistent manner. With NeoGraft, it is a hand held device that risks human fatigue. These both are similar but at different level. Artas is a robot that harvests the graft using computerized sighting and automation.

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