Hair loss is a very complicated process and there is no fixed reason for this. Hair loss can be different for different people and its extent can also vary. Scalp hair loss is recognized with the thinning of the hair, reduction in density of the hair, alocepia and development of the bald spots in the head. There are various factors which can lead to this condition and broadly they can be classified as

1. Natural reasons: Baldness is a natural condition that gradual develops OVER THE AGE. When this condition onsets at a much faster rate and at a younger age, then it becomes a problem. Main reason is the inactivity of the hair follicles and their inability to regrow hair with the natural rate of hair loss. Sometimes this is a GENETIC condition which props up after a gap of few generations. There are more chances of a person getting bald if there is a family history of baldness. This type of baldness is hereditary and passed from generation. Onset of male and female puberty has a major change on the hair growth pattern. This is triggered by the HORMONAL CHANGES in the body. An imbalance in the hormonal level can also result in hair growth disruption. Menopause in females is a significant reason that effects the health of the hair.

2. Health practices or medical conditions which lead to baldness: With an increase in UNHEALTHY EATING PRACTICES, we are missing many essential nutrients in our diet. Certain nutrients like protiens, biotins, zinc and iron are very essential for the health of our hair. Their deficiency can cause thinning of hair or a higher rate of its loss at comparatively young age. Alternatively excessive consumption of a particular animal fats and vitamins may also be a possible reason. In fact the modern LETHARGIC STYLE OF LIVING which lacks adequate body movement, physical exercise also effects the health of our hair follicles.

Often it is found that hair loss occurs as an after effect of some or the other health ailment which may be anything from a heart problem, blood pressure, diabetes condition to can, stomach infection, malaria typhoid etc. Generally the MEDICATIONS followed during these conditions react with the patients body and result in loss of hair.Intake of certain fertility stimulating or contraceptive pills can also lead to baldness and reduced health of your hair. RADIOTHERAPY, which is the popular cancer treatment technique most often results in the loss of hair, which may be temporary or permanent.THYROID is another medical condition that can result in hair loss.

Particularly in the case of females, hair loss is one of the post pregnancy effects. It is attributed to the variation in the level of estrogen in the females during and after the pregnancy.

3. External Reasons of Baldness: Increasing pollution has varied effects on the health of the people these days. While we wash our hair or move around, water and air are in direct contact of our hair. Water and air pollution had a direct effect on the health of our hair. In fact its not just the air and water but even the toxic components of Sun`s rays also damage our hair and hinder its growth.