EFFECTS OF HAIR LOSS :- There are several effects of hair loss on human life and health including :

Excessive hair loss is a problem stereotyped with getting old. Loosing excessive hair at an early age often INSTILLSIN US A FEELING OF GETTING OLD.These problems start occurring after an age of 35 years which gives the feeling of a dying youth. Often a person feels depressed, devitalized and lack in energy. Everybody likes to look young and handsome with a healthy and unique hair style.

People often experiment with their hair and try to groom a unique hair style. It goes on to become the IDENTITY OF A HUMAN being. A good and natural hair style always imparts lot of self-confidence and self-esteem to a person. Loss of hair thus becomes a significant loss in their personality. This loss can only be replaced by hair grown naturally back into the place, which can be groomed again.

People make extra EFFORT TOHIDE THEIR RECEDING HAIR LINE. They try to cover their head with hats, caps or wigs at all times. This becomes extremely uncomfortable, special during hot weather. This also results in self-consciousness, irritability and headaches. No caps or wigs can replace the loss of hair as good as hair regrowth. Nowadays since this problem is becoming more prominent, more and more people are now trying to get their hair regrown.

Hair loss and personality loss are considered synonym to each other. The constant stress of being self-consciouscreeps in DEPRESSION for some people. It has a very negative psychological effect on the lives of the people. They start considering themselves inferior and tend to become introvert. They hesitate to meet their friends, family and official colleagues. People facing similar troubles must consult a trained professional doctors and surgeons for proper guidance and treatment.

People tend to feel NERVOUS AND COLD FEET before getting treated for their hair loss problem. They feel low in confidence to make any decisions. The only solution to this problem is talking to a good doctor who will not only make you feel confident but also change your life for better.