Eyebrows of girls and women can be missing for several reasons including over plucking, alopecia, hair loss, aging, facial injuries or burning etc.Eyebrows can be made denser or treated with single hair grafts which provide marvelous and dramatic as well as undetectable results. The hair transplanted on eyebrows must be trimmed once a month as it will grow like the length of scalp hair. Surgical and accidental scars from facelifts and brow-lifts can also be treated during the same technique. During Follicle Unit Extraction technique the hair grafts are taken from a donor part which is usually situated at back parts of head with genetically active hair follicles. The hair graft is then transplanted successfully into thinning eyebrow regionskeeping in mind the suitable direction of the upcoming hair.

This is very sensitive and delicate method of hair transplant as surgeons have to set the right position of the hair graft so that hair grow in a right direction to look most beautiful as well as natural. This technique is 100% micro surgical without any side effects. The eyebrows treated with hair transplant surgery are generally grown naturally and make girls and women stress free with healthy and beautiful eyebrows worldwide. Eyelashes may also be treated using the same technology; however hair graft must be singular and finer for this purpose.