Females are more beauty conscious than mails. A beautiful woman loves to flaunt her long, dense and strong hair. if the hair lose their natural radiance or thickness, it surely becomes a serious concern for them. In fact the females are more prone to face the hair loss problems.

A female body is more complex than a male`s. She experiences more HORMONAL IMBALANCES in her life cycles. These have an adverse effect on many aspects of her health, hair loss being one of them. Alternatively, women use MANY HAIR DYING OR CONDITIONING SOLUTIONS which are nothing but chemicals. These chemicals can react at any time with the natural hair and cause hair loss problems. Sometimes certain nutrient deficiencies also occur with the growing age, which tend to cause hair loss problems in the women.

Symptoms of hair loss in females are similar to the males. Initially the hair start thinning and then they start falling. Hair fall can be observed while combing or washing your hair also. In females since the density of hair is more, bald spots do not start emerging very soon. But greater loss of hair can be easily detected and consulted with a recognized doctor.

Women love to experiment with different styles of the hair. It is a part of a female`s ornamentation. In case of increased hair fall while combing etc, you should consult a doctor and ask for a course of treatment. If the medication or initial treatment fails to have an impact then you should go for hair transplant and natural restoration of hair growth.