Before making a consensus, it is important for a person to know the whole procedure. We take utmost care to enlighten our patient with all the intricacies and minute details.

Hair growth is aided by small micro pores in our scalp called follicle. These follicles due to various reason might get hibernated. But they are still alive and can regrow hair at any time. There are numerous such follicles on our scalp. In Follicular Unit Extraction technique, as the name suggests, we selectively transfer healthy follicular units. These units are extracted from the healthier part of the scalp. This is a very meticulous technique and although many people boast of doing it, but we are some of the few hair transplant centers with requisite expertise, training and infrastructure to bring it through.

With great precision and adroitness, we place the grafted follicular units in such a manner that the hair growth imitates the natural growth pattern of an individual. The new grown hairs aptly become a part of you and add to your beauty. If done with care and proficiency this technique is very comfortable for the customers. So much so that you can watch a movie or listen to music, or be engaged in an activity you find interesting while the transplant is being performed on you. You won` feel any pain and recover fully within weeks. We also guarantee a solution to your baldness or hair loss with FUE technique. Within 2 months to 6 months the hair regrowth becomes evident and you start gaining back you stature in the society.

Depending on the individual cases, a different number of grafts might be required. On an average 3000 follicles can be grafted on a single day. If a person requires more grafts, sessions can be scheduled on back to back to days as per the convenience of the patient. This technique has an extraordinary recovery and you can return to most of your daily activities the very next day. Prior to getting these grafts, we provide all the details of the procedure and make certain recommendations for best results. A patient is bound to have many apprehensions before the procedure. Therefore it becomes extremely important to comfort and relax him.

What to do before the day of transplant?
(1) Your physician should be provided with all the details of the medication that you are following in regular routine.
(2)Those in habit of consuming alcohol should avoid it 3 days prior to the transplant.
(3) You should avoid taking any vitamin capsules a week prior to the procedure.
(4) It is suggested that any Non- steroidal drugs like aspirin should be avoid.
(5) Medications for blood pressure or hypertension should be continued even on the day of the procedure.

PREPARATIONS ON THE DAY OF PROCEDURE: (1) Wear comfortable and loose clothes. It is better that you wear clothes which you can button up. This way you can avoid disturbing the freshly grafted hair.
(2) you should wash your hair well using a regular shampoo. But you should not apply any conditioner or gel or any other styling product after washing.
(3) Take a normal breakfast. Since this procedure takes time. In between the procedure we provide you with snacks and lunch, so that you feel comfortable at all times.
(4) It is preferred if you can avoid any caffeinated beverage because these drinks tend to increase sensitivity to procedure.

(1) We would be briefing you about the complete details on your arrival. All the relevant paper work would be finished. A team of specialist would answer all your concerns and comfort you.
(2) In the initial phase, a proper hairline will be marked and photographed.
(3) While the procedure is on, you can choose to do your favorite activity like talking to your friends or watching a movie.
(4) You will be administered a mild dose of local anesthesia to avoid any sensation while procedure. If the procedure is stretched beyond a point another small dose might be administered.

We guarantee results with 3rd GENERATION FUE HAIR TRASPLANT PROCEDURE We are so confident of our techniques that we declare the full details of our procedure to our customers. In the 10 months of review period we guarantee a 90% hair to be in growth phase, which is the natural rate. If otherwise a free of charge graft of new follicles will be done. We will ensure that you leave Walia`s hair transplant center with complete satisfaction.