Hair is an important part of our body and loss of the hair signifies our ageing body such that loss of hair on the head makes us older may be by 10 years in our appearance ad outlook. Hair loss is a significant problem with many people complaining of receding hair line at a comparative young age. Hair on our scalp gives us a pleasant and charming look and bald head makes us lose our inner confidence and self esteem. A bald person most of the times is taken for an aged person . Our work pressures, urge to excel with our hectic schedules, improper diets with lack of exercise, depression, stresses in our modern lives contribute a lot to our hair loss. We may lose about a hundred odd hairs on a given day and these are replaced by another 100 hair everyday and this is because of the normal hair cycle where the life of the normal hair is around 3months or so. But when the hair loss is fast than the regrow toh of the hair then baldness sets in. Various factors such as our genes , our hereditary factors, hormones etc also are significant contributing factors for the hair loss. Various chemical dyes, cheap gels, hair cosmetics, shampoos also contribute a lot to the loss of hair on our scalp. Some medical conditions also cause hair loss. So all these multifactorial factors are responsible for the hair loss. Then efforts to retard the loss of the hair starts. Here some people claiming magical potions, oils, medicines make a fool of bald people who have baldness. And ultimately everyone comes to the conclusion that ONLY HAIR TRANSPLANT PROCEDURE OFFERS THE PERMANENT SOLUTION TO OUR BALDNESS. This type of treatment has now become a rage in India and abroad. With the increasing awareness day by day through media, personal word of mouth , gratifying results of the procedure more and more people are opting for this procedure which offers life long results, specifically FUE Hair Transplant, which is scar less, stitch less, painless. WALIA HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER, LUDHIANA , PUNJAB, INDIA is a specialized hair transplant clinic which has been doing FUE Hair Transplant successfully from many years AND HAVE MADE A NAME WORLDWIDE.

Dr. Devinderjit S. Walia and his specialized expert team have been using this specialized technique of FUE to help people in regaining their lovely hair back on their heads and all patients are satisfied results with Hair loss Treatment. This technique is as safe and simple as getting a hair sitting at a saloon. The whole procedure hardly takes much of the time and the results are amazing. Hair that grows after are very natural. So all those who are planning to get hair transplant done, should choose WALIA HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTER, LUDHIANA , PUNJAB, INDIA as their medical destination.