HAIR TRANSPLANT LUDHIANAHair transplant surgeries in Ludhiana are offered at Hair Transplant Center-Walia Hospital Ludhiana. The center is most reputed and trusted center in the city. Dr. D. S. Walia MD is performing the surgeries personally at the center since fifteen years. He is trained by Dr. James A. Harris MD, a pioneer Hair Transplant Surgeon in Colorado USA. Doctor Walia and his team are famous for providing fruitful surgeries in the city. He had performed the painless surgeries on several thousands of people living in the industrial district and hub of Punjab, in India or in foreign nations too. Walia Hospital, a multispecialty hospital owned by Dr. Walia, is also providing all health treatments to people along with Hair Transplant, Laser Hair Removal, and Beauty plus Body Fitness. There are few clinics in Ludhiana including Walia Hospital that are providing the surgeries to the people who face premature baldness.

Ludhiana is the largest city and district of Punjab state of India. It contains population over 3,500,000 according to census 2011. There are several residents in the city who face premature baldness or hair thinning problems including young males. Some youths who are not married yet even get treatments for their front hairlines and baldness. Dr. Walia is really helping balding people who lives in the city or hales from other cities of the nation. He is also providing his hair transplant services to foreigners and Non Resident Indians.

It is quite easy to get hair treatments at the center in Ludhiana. You can visit Walia Hospital 33 B Sarabha Nagar, any day after 9.00 AM to discuss your hair loss with Dr. Walia. Dr Walia is best and famous hair transplant surgeon in Ludhiana. You can fix a day to perform your surgery according to your convenience. The surgery is painless as it involves no any cut and stitching too. It is supported by less invasive but pricy medical hair punches. The surgery generally takes three to four hours to transplant 3000 to 4000 hair grafts. The cost of hair transplant is quite genuine and affordable at the center. You can also avail discount on your surgery at the center. Lodging facilities are also available at the hospital to stay overnight. The center is famous for providing the blessings of the modern FUE technique at low cost.

If you face baldness or hair loss on your head, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard or mustaches then never forget to discuss your issue with Dr. Walia. You will be given best suggestion for your hair loss at the center free of cost. You may email your photographs at showing your hair loss from different angles including front, left, right, upper, and back side views of your head to get answer to your any query. Our customer support team will promptly reply you back as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate and be late to discuss your baldness or hair loss issue with us. Get your good hairstyle recovered through us and blessings of the latest hair transplant technology.