Nowadays, latest as well as advanced surgical techniques are practiced to recover male front hairline, crown hair, center hair and hair thinning on head. Using micro pins, healthy hair follicles are extracted from the donor part of the scalp and then grafted on the receiving part. This way we ensure natural and guaranteed regrowth. Same technique can be applied for beard, moustache or eye brow regrowth. Generally follicles from hair are chosen for donor sites, but in rare case chest or other parts may also be made donor.

We suggest a FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION technique because it is safe, comfortable and painless, bloodless, stitch less. With the use of micropunches we can extract and graft the required follicles from donor to acceptor site. Donor sites are well chosen keeping in mind the health if the follicles and longevity of the graft. This process has fastest recovery time of seven days.

Another technique practiced for hair transplant is STRIP HARVESTING. This is a less practices hair transplant techniques nowadays because it leaves a linear scar. In this process as the name suggests a strip of scalp is first removed from the healthy party, which is then cut to small pieces and turned into grafts. These grafts are now transplanted to the regions where it is required. This technique has a comparatively longer recovery time and scars are left at places where stitches are place. However these scars are later hidden beneath the fresh hair.

The most crucial part of a transplant id to determine the optimum ratio of graft number to transplant. This is dependent on the spread of baldness region and requirement of the patient. More hair grafts are needed to transplantwider bald parts on head. An experienced and well talented surgeon can perform a successful hair transplant considering less damage to hair grafts and maintaining equal density of hair on head to give any desirable beautiful hair style