Although onset of baldness in all the people is same its causes and symptoms may be different for different people and specially for people of different sex. The process of hair loss is gradual which starts with deterioration in the health of the hair and scalp which holds it. Initially the process is marked by thinning of hair but it only becomes visible when the density of hair starts reducing due to successive losses. Bald patches start appearing systematically, first in the frontal part of the crown and then it later spreads to the whole head. These patches are easily visible and the problem becomes clearly visible after this.

First, we must discuss the causes of baldness in males. Hair growth is facilitated by the small micron sized hair follicles. Even a normal person continues to shed his hair but these are replenished by the hair follicles at an equal rate. Over a period of time these follicles start hibernating and their rate of growth doesn`t match the rate of shedding of hair. The reduction of follicle activity is a hormonally simulated change in the males. This results in a condition called ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA, caused by the male hormones Testosterone. The level of these masculine hormones increases at a steady rate after puberty in males. An enzyme called 5-alpha reductase converts these hormones into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which ultimately reduce the activity of the hair follicles. These follicles now start producing shorter and thinner hair. But these follicles remain alive even if they are not producing hair as healthy as before.

As discussed earlier also, the ONSET OF BALDNESS only becomes visible once the bald spot start appearing on our scalp. These bald spots initially start forming a definite shape and subsequently the bald area starts increasing unless it is ceased by a proper treatment. Onset of hair loss is often ignored in the initial stages and only a professional physician can recognize the brewing problem underneath.

Although, it is always preferred to get TREATMENT at the first stage but when hair loss is only mild and not growing with time treatment can be replaced with certain precautionary measures. But in case of excessive hair loss, hair transplant treatment is the best option. The treatment would ensure restoration of hair with a natural growth process.

Baldness usually causes a deterioration in psychological health of a patient. The problem becomes complex when a person starts shying away from attending social gatherings and meeting new people. The growing self-consciousness makes him introvert and anxious about his personality. But thanks to the technological advancements a person can now restore his original hair and hence doesn`t have to go through embarrassing situations. Professionalexperts have devised a NORWOOD SCALE, as a tool for diagnosis. This tool is used to fathom the extent of hair loss and to device the follow up treatment strategy. Although there are different variants of hair loss, a few typical cases have been incorporated in the Norwood scale. It greatly simplifies any over the phone conversations, as both the parties can refer to the scale while describing or discussing the individual`s condition.