Welcome to Hair Transplant India! It is a famous clinic of Dr. Devinderjit Singh Walia MD. It is offering advanced and international standard of hair transplants in Ludhiana. If you are experiencing baldness, it is a most trusted and safest place for you. Dr. Walia is highly experienced and qualified hair restoration doctor. He has been a member of world renowned International organization the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). He got his training about the advanced hair transplantation procedures particularly from world class surgeon Dr. James Harris of Colorado USA. Dr. Walia generally applies Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique for treating baldness and alopecia issues. He is keen on setting natural looking and excellent hairstyles. He has artistic qualities in his hands that provide excellent results to his surgeries. Dr. Walia is also expert in Body Hair Transplant and other cosmetic surgeries to set natural styles on eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and mustaches. He implements his own creativity, art, and research to improve personality of people through his unique surgeries.

His professional team creates friendly environment around you. You can watch television, read newspaper, and share stories with them about your disorder whilst your procedur is being done. The surgeries at the clinic are  painless and bloodless. These never leave a linear scar or prominent scars on donor skin of an individual. The color, texture, and growing capacity of the transplanted grafts provide the natural styles. These styles can be trimmed, colored, or styled. The styles on head can grow after tonsuring.

Why you lose hairs: Your hairs on head or face may be affected by your age, genes, serious health issue, genetics, stress, medication, tight styling, environmental pollution, dirt, infection, hormonal imbalance, and some other reasons.

What you should do to restore it: . You should call or What’s App your condition of your scalp on +91 9815244152, +91-98151-34442 with photographs of the front, back, both sides and top of the head for proper assessment and advice. An option for use of FDA approved medicines that support hair growth is available and these medicines show results after three or four months. They do not activate the dead follicles in skin. If no desired results after using the medicines is gained then Follicular hair transplantation surgery is the best option for you to get excellent and permanent results. The surgery is quite successful to replace grafts on bald parts where follicles are totally dead. The effect of the medicines is temporary and the moment you stop the medicine after some time the condition before the usage of drugs is restored. Undesirable side effects of the drugs is another setback and disadvantage. SO THE REAL SOLUTION LIES IN HAVING HAIR TRANSPLANTATION PROCEDURE DONE.

Permanent and most durable treatment for you: Hair transplant is a permanent treatment to your disorder. The bald parts get follicles to grow again through the minor surgery. The transplanted grafts generally support your newly grown hairstyles throughout your whole life provided you care it properly. It is, in fact, a realistic and genuine treatment for your alopecia.

Which is better for you, FUE or FUT: If you do not like to have a linear scar on your donor skin, you should go through an FUE surgery to restore your locks. It is noninvasive surgery with no bleeding. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) leaves signs of stitching on back of head where surgeon takes a strip of skin to harvest the grafts. You should select an FUE surgery to be performed on you.

Other temporary options for you: You can cover your bald parts on your head through wearing caps, hats, wigs, or extensions. Some other solutions include hair thickening spray, scalp pigmentation, and laser therapy. These options, however, do not provide a permanent solution but useful for a short period of time.

Hair transplant cost:  Cost of the painless surgery is genuine and affordable at our clinic. We offer discount package on the surgery. You can visit us from 9 AM to 6 PM to get free consultation about your hair problems. You may get the information about current cost of the surgery through emailing us on waliahospital@gmail.com or what’s app on +91-9815244152, +91-9815134442 your hair loss showing images. You can also contact us through our mobile phone numbers. The cost mainly depends on area of skin, number of grafts, and time taken to end the process.

About graft transplantation: At our clinic we transplant about 4500 grafts in one day . If you need transplantation of over 4500 grafts then second sitting on very next day is required for you. The second sitting is essential if you face excessive baldness.

When will you get results? The transplanted grafts at our clinic generally resume growth after a week. They grow half inch each month. After 3 to 4 months these provide significant volume of hairs on your head. You will get full confidence and young appearance with restored hairstyle.